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Rapport London watch winder with modern Design!

Rapport watch winder Cherry Cog Wheel
Rapport watch winder Cherry Cog Wheel
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Rapport London watch winder CHERRY COG WHEEL. The craftsman constructed cherry wood base is finished with eight layers of hand applied lacquer. The impressive looking mechanism is protected with a brass framed glass cover. The watch is secured on a black velvet cushion inside the central brushed aluminum drum and is turned by two precision, machined, polished brass cog-wheels mounted on the back. CONSTANT: This mode is normally used for display and demonstration. The drums turns in one direction for 1 minute, pauses for 1 minute and then reverses in direction and so on. This mode keeps the watch wound up at all times but the power consumption in this mode is relatievely high. The use of adaptor power is highly recommended for this mode. TIMED: This is the normal operating mode to be used. In this mode there are two distinctive stages of operation. Stage 1 is for the rapid winding up of the watch. The drum rotates continuously for 2 hours, pausing briefly every 30 minutes to reverse direction. Stage 2 is steady state winding. The drum rotates intermittently. It rotates for 30 minutes, reverses direktion in the middle and then stops for 3 hours before starting again. This stage of rotation gently winds up the watch keeping it ticking in a ready-to-wear condition at all times. Sizes: 28 x 23 x 16cm. Weight: compl. 6,5kg.
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