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Powerful LED light watch box I-Sol charging 3 solar watches
Powerful LED light watch box I-Sol charging 3 solar watches
Price EUR 129.99/Pcs. incl. VAT plus Shipping

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Keep your solar watches charged with our BULLONGÈ I-Sol 3 powerful LED light watch box for charging 3 solar watches, Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, Junghans etc.. Solar watch owners complained that their watches was not charged when they want to wear it. Well, this new powerful LED Light Box for 3 Solar Watches can charge the watches while they are stored inside with the lid closed. High quality structure of the box will prevent any light leakage and will not disturb your sleep even in the bedroom. Outside finish is real wood, each is made from the finest Burlwood paper veneer for outstanding character and finish. Use it to keep your watched from losing its charge, or when a watch is completely discharged then placed it inside the box for recharging, an 8 hour charge will give the capacitor more than 60% power. If you don´t have solar watches, you can also use this as a display box with the lid open and the LED light shining on your expensive piece. Box is equipped with 3 individual light switches located on the back, allowing users to charge up to 3 solar watches. Power supply 100v - 240V incl.. This unit is not battery operated. Measurements ca.: 22 cm length x 11 cm depth x 8,5 height.
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